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The in-game default controls.

ZOぞ PC controls and combat mechanics are the following:

CTRL: Enables Shift Lock camera when toggled. This allows the user to have more control over their slash and dash direction.

SHIFT: Increases the player's movement speed. The player must have their weapon unequipped to sprint.

The "Settings" board to change Dash/Kick keys if you want to.

LMB: Performs a swing with the player's current weapon. Each weapon has a total of four different swing animations, and some swings/thrusts may be faster than the others. Hitting an opponent while their weapon is in the middle of a swing will perform a Clash, which stuns both players and nullifies all damage taken unless one side is using a Kanabo.

RMB: Raises the player's current weapon to block all incoming attacks and temporarily stun the attacker. Blocking right before the player is about to get hit will enable Perfect Block (PB), which greatly decreases damage taken, returns some damage to the attacker and significantly increases stun time for the opponent.

R: Allows the player to quickly dash in the direction they are facing (moving if Shift Lock is enabled). The player may also perform a jump and/or an attack or a block while dashing.

F: Performs a side kick. Kicking is an extremely quick offensive move that launches the player toward the direction they are facing (moving if Shift Lock is enabled) and damages an opponent. If the opponent is blocking, hitting them with a Kick will immediately force them out of the guard stance, leaving them vulnerable for a brief period. Kicks CANNOT break Perfect Blocks.

SPACEBAR: Allows the player to jump. The user will evade most attacks if they leap at the right time even if they are stunned, but one can only jump for a maximum of 6 times before reaching the minimum height per jump and one may jump again after 1 second as soon as they touch the ground.

Less Important Controls

Q: Holding the Q key opens up a display window with 8 different emotes to choose from (11 if the player owns the "Chill Emotes Pack"). When the player is near a ledge, an additional emote is also available for selection (one extra emote if the player owns the "Chill Emotes Pack").

T: Performs a Taunt. The player must have their weapon drawn to taunt, and each weapon has different taunt animations. If the default taunt is equipped, the stance the user displays will be the same on their respective statue.

The Dash and Kick keys can be changed in the settings at the safe zone.


Weapons are the player's primary tools to kill another player. Each player may only carry one weapon at a time, and they must press E at a statue holding the weapon they would like to use to swap their current melee with a new one. It is important to understand that any weapon will immediately kill a player if the victim is not blocking.

Currently, there are four weapons in ZOぞ:


Katana is the player's starter weapon when joining in for the first time. It is a fast-swinging sword with the second-to-worst range out of all weapons. It can be found in the Waterfalls area.


Naginata can be picked up at the Sakura Tree area. It has better range than the Katana and Tanto but is slightly slower.


A very slow yet powerful melee. It has the same range as the Naginata, but it can deal damage by clashing with an opponent and it deals more damage to anyone who is blocking. It can be picked up at the Volcano area.


Tanto is an extremely fast weapon with the worst range out of all melees in ZOぞ. The user will take more damage when compared to other weapons if they hold block, and is especially noticeable when they get hit by a Kanabo in the guard stance. It can be found in the Caves area.

Each weapon has its own attack pattern, range, frame data, and attack speed. The weapons are made balanced, so choose your weapon based on your preference!


Players can use Souls to purchase cosmetics at the Yuki shop or donate at least 250 R$ by interacting with the well at the spawn area.

If the player chooses to donate, the Golden Master Alley area will be unlocked. A golden statue can be found in the area, and interacting with it will equip a gold finish on the player's current weapon. This particular skin type will alter the user's idle stance with the melee equipped.

The player can also get weapon skins by purchasing a gamepass; "Skin Pack α", which costs 500 Robux and currently features 4 weapon skins, 2 Katana skins: Zephyr and Nephyllus, 1 Kanabo skin: Axe of the fallen, and 1 Naginata skin: Hadontus.


An image of the bell.

An image of the Lookout Point.

The Lookout Point

The Lookout Points are located at the very edge of the map. They have 2 big plates where tournaments/duels take place, and they are often regarded as hotspots as groups of players can be found on one or even two Lookout Points.

The Bell

The Bell is located near the Lookout Point, with 4 bridges connecting to it (one from the Golden Master Alley, one from the top of the Sakura Tree area, one from a hill near the Lookout Points and one from the opposite area of the Sakura Tree area, where an additional plate can be found). Attacking the bell located in the center of the bridges will ring it.

The Forest

An image of the Forest.

The Forest is currently an inaccessible zone, since there is an invisible kill brick, it has a Buddha statue, many trees, rivers, hills, etc. It can be viewed from the Lookout Point.

The Volcano

An image of the Volcano.

The Volcano is located near the Lookout Point. In the middle of the area lies a volcano mouth, which instantly kills any player who dares to jump down. The volcano also has a statue holding the Kanabo and a lobby teleporter.

Golden Master Alley

An image of the Golden Master Alley and the golden katana statue.

The Golden Master Alley is located near the Bell and the Waterfalls. It is inaccessible for all players unless they donate at least 250 Robux to the well. Inside the alleyway, a Golden statue along with a lobby teleporter can be found, and interacting with the statue will equip a gold finish on the player's current weapon.

The Sakura Tree

An image of the Sakura Tree and the Naginata statue.

The Sakura Tree is next to the Volcano, and a statue holding the Naginata weapon can be found within the area.

The Waterfalls

The Waterfalls contain the default weapon; The Katana. it is located next to the Sakura Tree and near the Golden Master Alley.

The Caves

An image of Yuki's Shop.

The Caves area can be entered through many areas around the map. It contains the Tanto.

Yuki's shop

An image of Yuki's Shop.

Yuki's shop is located at the safezone, the spawn/lobby. Here, the players can purchase/customize cosmetics, i.e. skins, kill effects and Taunts.

An image of the Waterfalls.


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